PAYware Mobile Gateway

Introducing the most hassle-free way to process card payments

Talk about keeping it simple. With PAYware Connect, all it takes to manage your payment gateway is access to the web. That's it. No hardware or software to buy. No payment engine. No electronic engineering degree. What you do get is a fully customizable and utterly reliable gateway service that's ideal for small businesses that are ready to grow.

Whether you have one Payware Mobile-equipped iPhone or ten, PAYware Connect consolidates all their payments into a single portal. As a result, details of all iPhone transactions are available in real-time within the Merchant Portal on the payment gateway. Reporting has never been

PAYware Mobile App

A quick download of the PAYware Mobile app to your iPhone 3G or 3GS opens the door to increased sales and margins by enabling you to accept more "card present" payments. And the app is remarkably easy to use. Just swipe the card and a tone tells you the fully encrypted transaction data has been accepted. Push a button to capture the signature. Push another to add a tip to the bill. Push one more to finalize the sale.

Want to email the receipt to your customer? Click. Done.

Any time, you can review previous transactions, check daily transaction summaries, even bring up a map showing where each transaction took place.

Card Encryption Sleeve

Sure, being tough is important, and this unit certainly is. But these days, security is everything. The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve is the only mobile product that delivers end-to-end encryption. Which means the moment the card is swiped, data is encrypted and stays that way until the bank receives it. The phone never sees, nor does it store, any sensitive data. The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve fits any iPhone 3G or 3GS model. And because it's portable, you'll reduce costs by making more "card present" sales. The sleeve's design is sturdy and compact, so it's not only built to survive the abuse that the real world dishes out, it performs flawlessly while doing so.