Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need before I can start taking payments with PAYware Mobile?

You'll need an iPhone 3G or 3GS and a merchant account - we provide the rest. If you don't currently have a merchant account, we can point you to one of our trusted card processing partners.

Q: What is a merchant account?

This is an agreement between a retailer/merchant (like yourself), a merchant bank and payment processor for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card transactions.

Q: I already have a merchant account. Will my account work with PAYware Mobile?

PAYware Mobile uses VeriFone's PAYware Connect payment gateway to process payments. Since the payment gateway is certified to process with virtually any payment processor, it is very likely that you can maintain your existing merchant account.

Q: PAYware Mobile is currently offered only for the iPhone 3G or 3GS. Are there plans to offer the solution on other devices such as BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile?

VeriFone understands the need to offer PAYware Mobile on other smartphone platforms. We have plans to bring the solution to Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android in the near future.

Q: What are the benefits of using PAYware Mobile?

PAYware Mobile allows you to securely accept credit cards - anywhere, any time - on your iPhone. Never lose a sale because of the inability to accept credit cards.

Q: How does it work?

The PAYware Mobile software application handles the communication between our secure payment gateway, PAYware Connect, and your device. The app works in conjunction with PAYware Connect and offers a variety of benefits such as transaction reporting and VeriShield Protect data encryption.

The iPhone credit card encryption sleeve installation is easy. The sleeve simply plugs into the iPhone dock connector and cradles the phone. Downloading the application is easy as well - iPhone users can simply download it from the iPhone App Store as they would any other app. The PAYware Mobile application is free.

Q: Where do I buy the card encryption sleeve and the application?

The PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve is available through select VeriFone distributors. The application is available on the App Store.

Q: What payment types does the application support?

The PAYware Mobile application supports credit card and "check" card transactions.

Q: What type of iPhone models does PAYware Mobile support? Does PAYware Mobile support iTouch?

Currently PAYware Mobile only works with the iPhone 3G and 3GS models. At this time it is not backward compatible with older iPhone models or the iTouch. By combining the PAYware Mobile payment application with an iPhone and card encryption sleeve, the device becomes a fully functional payment solution.

Q: Is the PAYware Mobile payment application secure?

Yes. Like all VeriFone products, PAYware Mobile goes through third-party testing and validation. PAYware Mobile is validated against the PCI SSC's (PCI Security Standards Council) strict regulations. The PCI SSC sets the standards that payment system vendors must follow when developing hardware and software. The PAYware Mobile software application is PA DSS 1.2 (Payment Application Data Security Standards) approved by the PCI SSC. As part of the security standards, your customer's account information is truncated on all data fields and reports.

In addition, PAYware Mobile when used with the credit card encryption sleeve provides "end-to-end encryption" of all card holder information. This exclusive PAYware Mobile feature literally protects your customers information at the exact instant it is swiped through the sleeve. There is no more definitive security that you could offer your customers.

Q: What is end-to-end encryption, and why is it important?

Security is paramount at VeriFone, which is why we've built industry-leading technology into PAYware Mobile from the start. End-to-end encryption is used to protect your customer's card information the instant you swipe their card. The card data is encrypted in transit to your credit card processing company. This prevents sensitive card data from ever entering the iPhone or being intercepted in-transit.

Q: Can I print a receipt for the customer?

PAYware Mobile does not include a receipt printer. However you can easily configure customized receipts to be emailed to your customer. A record of the transaction is accessible in the application and the PAYware Connect online portal, where you can reprint receipts and view transaction history.

Receipts contain all necessary information required by payment processing regulations. The headers and footers of the receipt are customizable via the Merchant Portal on the PAYware Connect gateway.

Q: Is PAYware Mobile available without a contract?

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve is available free with a two year contract. However, there are pricing and contract options available to meet your needs. When you set up your merchant account, we will provide you with the best options to meet your business needs.

Q: Can I include a tip with a sale?

Adding tips is easy. You can enter a specific amount or the application can calculate the tip based on a percentage of the sale.

Q: What about sales tax?

PAYware Mobile includes the ability to specify what tax percent to use for each sale. This can be changed on the go, since tax rates vary from place to place.

Q: Is the PAYware Connect gateway fee charged/billed separately?

Because PAYware Mobile works in conjuction with a merchant services provider, the payment gateway service provided by VeriFone will be in addition to your normal card processing rates. In most cases, the PAYware Mobile fees will be contained on the same statement as all of the traditional card processing fees.

Q: Am I required to use VeriFone's PAYware Connect payment gateway?

PAYware Mobile works in conjunction with the PAYware Connect gateway, and does not currently support other payment gateways.

Q: What happens when you receive a call during a transaction?

When a call is received during a transaction, the user will be prompted to answer or decline the call. After the user completes the call, they are prompted to reenter their password for the application and the transaction can be resumed.

Q: How do I configure PAYware Mobile?

We provide a comprehensive user guide to take you through installation, setup, and use of the application, card encryption sleeve and the merchant portal on the payment gateway.

Download the PAYware Mobile Quick Install Guide
Download the PAYware Mobile User Guide

Q: Other vendors claim that their applications also encrypt credit card data.Why is PAYware Mobile different?

PAYware Mobile uses end-to-end encryption based on secure hardware that conforms to the same stringent security standards in use today at ATM's and traditional Point of Sale Terminals that you use every day at large retail locations around the country. Other vendors are using a common form of encryption referred to as "SSL." Unfortunately, SSL has a couple of drawbacks:

1. SSL is software-based encryption method that is only secure if your phone has not been hacked or otherwise compromised.
2. SSL only protects your customers information during the transmission over the wireless network. PAYware Mobile encryption protects your customers information at the exact instant of card swipe, securing it inside the phone and over the wireless network, providing protection at virtually any point where it could be stolen.

Q: In addition to the PAYware Connect gateway fees, what other types of fees can I expect to pay?

Merchant service providers provide the financial linkage between you, your customers, your bank and the credit card companies. Fees and fee structures will vary, but you can expect that with every merchant processing account will include:

Discount Rate: This is the percentage of the transaction amount you will be billed for the transactions you process. Rates vary based on certain risk criteria usually categorized into "Qualified", "Mid-Qualified" and "Non-Qualified" tiers. In addition, rates vary depending on your type of business, whether or not you swiped the customers card through the reader and other factors that can be explained in further detail by your merchant account provider. To ensure that you get the lowest fees possible, always swipe the customer's card through the PAYware Mobile reader, and be sure to include all the required information whenever processing a transaction.